Purple Rain

I can’t believe Prince is gone. I can’t believe Lemonade.

So I bought a whole new dress for one of my best friend’s potential baby shower (and even posted about it!) and ended up changing my mind. Ever happen to you? But she was planning to name her baby Violet, so I decided to wear my other dress which is purple.

Baby Shower Outfit

This is an Express dress I got a while ago from ThredUp. I’m not much of a neon or yellow person, but it is just the collar. And it’s good to get out of your comfort zone, right? I’ll just keep telling myself that. I do like the sheer top layer.

Baby Shower Top

I got this Guess denim jacket from a site like ThredUp called Twice for about $20! I liked Twice, but they’ve since been acquired by eBay Valet, so they might be working with higher-end brands now.

Leopard Flats

I just bought these leopard print flats for myself as a little birthday gift a few weeks ago. I wanted to get some type of leopard shoe– heels, canvas, flats– but decided on these just because they were $6 at WalMart.

Snakeskin Shoulder

Is there some fashion rule about mixing animal prints? I probably wouldn’t do it, but I didn’t have anything else. I just noticed this, but I’m not much of a snakeskin person either, but again, it is just that little strip. So it’s a nice way to get it in my wardrobe, but it’s not overwhelming.

My sunglasses are from the Dollar Tree 😛 As much as fancy shades seem, I’ve a habit of breaking mine.

Anyway, I’m so glad my pal has since had a healthy girl. Hopefully I get to see them soon!

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