How Do I Land in 2042?

Kurt Braunohler Hari KondaboluPart of the reason I named my blog as I did is that I’m in a weird place with my self-esteem. Another part is that I love Hari Kondabolu.

The title of Hari’s record references when white people are supposed to become the racial minority in the United States, a glorious, misleading prediction over which even I, myself glossed. “Well, it’s 49% white people and 51% you people.” Holy shit.

Waiting for 2042 is filled with such challenges to the status quo. Upon the stereotype of homosexuals being homosexual all in your face: heterosexuals literally present “receipts of fucking” and their straightness everywhere you look.

The album was recorded in 2013, far before our current political/presidential climate/race (I think). But I couldn’t help but notice:

  • “Exciting” that Hillary is running for president? Debatable.
  • It’s uncanny that Hari’s sexist bro voice sounds like Trump!
  • Kondabolu’s whole healthcare plan track– which brilliantly references “A Modest Proposal” (yay classics I’ve actually read! Fuck you A Tale of Two CIties!)– is exactly why Sanders supporters are voting for him.

It’s weird. I’ve known about Hari for a few years now, but just hearing his voice and not seeing him reminded me of Greg Giraldo. 😦

How Do I Land? is a bit more silly as it doesn’t deal with politics or social issues. But you know how they say that everything is about politics. The record seems to be comprised of the pranks of a privileged white dude. And look, I love Kurt. My bro has the same name, I feel like we’re both German-ish (dude’s gotta have a relative named Conrad, right?).  But ladies probably aren’t going to think a stranger liking their picture is as funny. Shit, I don’t even feel safe using Craigslist.

Also, calling mixed-race babies “swirlies” is pretty fucking gross.

Also, I hear Sacha Baron Cohen is a Zionist, so I’m all for someone making him hate them so much for wasting his time.

How Do I Land? was probably recorded in 2012 or 2013, and I know Kurt’s since written something about being on a radio show and how he’s going to speak out now but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Colbert said he was going to have a #feminist Late Show but not only were his writers mostly dudes but so were his guests ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love absurd shit, so I hope Braunohler can take his ridiculous to that next level. And I hope these two comics can work their shit out in my absurd ass state! If they ever toured together, if you eliminated the letters they share in their names and anagrammed the leftovers, they could their tour A Dire TourA Rude Riot Tour, or The Rare It Duo Tour. Do you think they would? Hari thanks Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver, so I would be cool with them too 🙂


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