Fill In

Lmao, is it just me or does Hollywood only employ an Asian woman when a cast gets too mayo? Like: if they’re actually concerned about backlash, they’ll fill a quota, but uh, what can these ~ POC ~ do? Can they lead? Can they be complex, have more than 3 lines? I know! They can be detrimental to the white leads! Way to perpetuate the perpetual and ~ spooky ~ foreigner stereotypes, guizzzz.

Originally I was going to write about some comedy albums, but a comedy program actually reminded me of this.

I happen to come across Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack on tv the other night. It has a real 1990s vibe including the fact that I hadn’t heard anything about it. Since the decade has been so hot in fashion, I’d been wondering why its aesthetics weren’t being used across other mediums.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but I love this “Pity Party” rap and the various formats.

However, I did see a sketch where these 2 dudes who have a record shop ~ offend ~ a female customer, and lo and behold! Here come the feminists to ruin your life! I admit the Asian customer was rather rational, but the feminist group set to protest the shop didn’t seem to be able to think for themselves.

The record shop guys sketches seem to be a frame to parody genres or artists, but I just hate this kind of premise because it seems to ridicule critique/protest. In this case, specifically that of women against men and that of a group as threatened as feminist. Syfy previously aired a program about an Asian woman who did just this and the results weren’t as humorous.

Art is tricky. I don’t think there can be any formula or ratio of realism and fiction, but I suppose it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re aiming for total, box office-bombing, bullshit, I’m so for rich people losing their money. But if you’re going for funny, it shouldn’t fucking bum me out.


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