Thursday? Tuneage + Poetry

MartyrLoserKing Art

I named my last post after a line in Nâzım Hikmet’s “On Living,” and the quotation at the end is from the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. I originally wanted the title to be after something more in the vein of Darwish but thought Himet was more appropriate. I wasn’t familiar with them before posting, but I’m definitely interested particularly as Darwish has an activist section on Wikipedia.

I finally got around to listening to Saul Williams’s MartyrLoserKing which has an interesting AF concept and backstory. Basically he heard someone with a French accent say, “Martin Luther King” and it became an idea of this hacker kid in Burundi.

I’ve been a fan of Saul ever since I saw him on Girlfriends, but I’ve never really gotten into his poetry which isn’t to say I don’t like it. It just hasn’t happened; I don’t usually read poetry. Although I seemed to be the only kid in class who uncomfortably got what “Blackberry-Picking” was about, I am also Homer Simpson when he says, “I don’t have time to read it. Just give me the gist of it, son.”

But has dude been hanging out with Kanye? I see him share these ~ colorblind~ messages, and granted, I never watched them, but one) I never watch videos (see Homer) and two) I saw him share some poet who said, “We are all Asian.” Yikes!

Pare, I see and appreciate the idea of treating each other like ~ we’re all the human race ~ but we are not all going to be called a ch*nk walking down the street. We are not all going to have our natural hair play a factor in our employability. We are not all  going to have our skin lightened on magazines.

We are not all going to be reduced to our skin color or ancestry as a form of foreplay or pick-up line. We are not all going to have our race as a porn category.

We are not all living it up because there’s a new sushi joint downtown or Whole Foods is selling chickpeas. And to ignore this is rather baffling and disjointed and some might say even hypocritical when one has such other bold stances.

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