You’ll Plant Olive Trees

olive spring dressHello readers, I’m at that age where everyone I knew in high school has kids, and now even one of my best friends is pregnant, so I’ll be attending a baby shower! I can’t say I’ve never been to one before as I’m thinking of my many ates, but I know I haven’t been to a wedding (that I remember)(I was a child), so invite me to yours!

Such an occasion surely calls for a new dress especially since I spent my whole life feeling so unfeminine that I thought wearing dresses or skirts would exaggerate it. I still feel that way in skirts, but I’m finding some dresses that are working! We all deserve to feel pretty!

I found this dress on sale at Target for about $8! I was originally going to buy something floral but do need to save money. This olive color is such a good neutral that I can year round, long after florals, right? 😉

Olive Target Dress

It’s a little long on me, but it should be fine for an event that includes one’s friends’ parents. In any case, what looks like the white stripe part is actually a bit sheer. I love the swishy, pleated skirt.

Originally I was going to wear nude heels and buy a statement bib necklace since I could probably wear it with my other 2 dresses. But my heels have a navy toe, so I’m wearing my mom’s flats. And I think this necklace works better too. Also, this is her leather jacket, but I’ve since bought my own! Thank goodness for Poshmark. Because I had credits, I was able to snag one for $2!

Olive Dress Detail

I’m planning on using a black purse with a gold chain since I’m using this necklace. What do you think? Should I stick with the flats? 😎

“If the olive trees knew the hands that planted them, their oil would have become tears.” – Mahmoud Darwish

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