Nerdy (Grungy?) Librarian

Back in January, Sky over at Electric Thrift had this creative post about putting some fashionable tweaks to looks inspired by a professional one might not necessarily think of as such.

I liked it so much, I wanted to see if I could create some looks in a similar vein with my closet. It’s not exactly the same; I had the idea of a nerdy librarian going through my head while going through my clothes.

Nerdy librarian

So I didn’t have Sky’s post open, but her tips must’ve sunk in deeper than I thought! I also grabbed a light lace top and paired it with a skirt. I was thinking “luxurious,” so I thought of leather, but I didn’t have any. So I went with this tweed blazer which is probably the essential bookish material, no? Heh.

The skirt is from Banana Republic and has layered ruffles and an attached belt. I’m also wearing gray tights, black kitten heels with a bow and a canvas bag from college. Finally, it has a purpose!


Do these pointy shoes count as whimsical? I don’t think I have anything really eccentric, but there’s nothing more vintage than an actual grandpa sweater! Yep, the cardigan was my gramp’s, and I’m wearing it with this pinstripe dress and a mini pearls necklace. Took these pics last month, so if I were a librarian, I’d recommend some James Baldwin for Black History Month (or any month, really).


I was having trouble with a last look. I was going to do shorts but couldn’t find anything to match. So I started thinking about maybe like a older, hippie librarian who is super excited to help you out but not so much to keep up with fashion trends. I came up with these plaid, wide-leg pants, this olive, The Limited silk blouse, and my denim Guess jacket.

I’m not quite sure what shoes, one would wear. I feel like the hippie wouldn’t wear them! Or wear sandals. But I don’t think you can wear those to work. What about Doc Marten-type boots?

Reviewing the original post now, it was unleashing your inner nerd. With a certain franchise turning 20 this past month, I’ll be writing a little something about it. Stay tuned!

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