Not Your Mother’s Long & Strong

Not Your Mother's Shampoo

Yea, it’s been a month since my last post, but I have a couple of post ideas lined up. This first one is a kind of review of Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Shampoo & Conditioner.

I bought a pair maybe over a year ago, but then I was paid to test a different shampoo. Then I think I tried other volumizing conditioners and then essential oils. So it’s difficult to gauge if this actually made my hair stronger.

The one thing I absolutely loved, however, was the scent. I’m no good at at them, so I can’t pinpoint if it’s floral or a hint of coconut, but an ingredient that stands out is Aescuus Hippocastanum seed extract or horse chestnut. I’ve no idea what that actually smells like, but it’s the only natural-y ingredient I see.

That being said, Way to Grow doesn’t seem to be all natural, but it does say it doesn’t test on animals. An 8oz bottle can be around $5 or $6 which I really wouldn’t normally consider, but I did get them BOGO half off and was looking for stronger hair.

I’ve been having some success with a more natural concoction, so I probably wouldn’t buy these again especially if you’re into ingredients and check out EWG’s rating. I’m not that much, so I’d consider trying a Not Your Mother’s volumizing product, but for now, I’ll just take some biotin pills and maybe find a horse chestnut candle.


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