Fall Wish List

A staple for fashion blogs, I think I’ll start writing these posts as well. However, my lists will probably be more broad than clothing items. Things that would be nice to have if I could justify spending on them. 🙂 1. Plaid Scarf Standard enough. Both the accessory and pattern is perfect for the season. But I’m a native Floridian and can get through winter without a coat. Much like with boots, … Continue reading Fall Wish List

Syrian Refugee Help

Yuri Kozyrev | Noor At least in my very American experience, when mainstream news isn’t treating Donald Trump like a lax white parent with a bratty kid in public, they’re mentioning a refugee crisis in Europe. It is really more of a mention as we get pictures and record of terrible things happening but no real substantial time spent or explanations. It shouldn’t take that to want … Continue reading Syrian Refugee Help