Google “millennial” and you’ll no doubt find countless Baby Boomers complaining about the young people’s incessant selfie-ing and, I don’t know, allergies, alleging the entitlement to, I don’t know, health care and education… Is this some sort of cry for attention just like when their alcoholic parents didn’t pay them any mind? LOL.

Look, I get it. Not every “old” person is using an abacus, and not every young person is a reality star. But as a great Nelson Muntz once said, “Adults, you strut around like your farts don’t stink.” And if you mean to tell me that the movie from which the song that The Simpsons‘s “Adults/Kids” is based– Bye Bye Birdie— is some testament as to why your generation is flawless, well then there is no reaching you sir.

This post was prompted rather personally by my parents. Everyone wants to lambaste kids for being addicted to phones or technology, but they fucked up their marriage on the Internet. I’m sure they would call me entitled just because when you call someone “fat” as a child, they kinda develop a low-key obsession with food running in the background of their minds at all times and just happen to know a little about nutrition with all the easily accessible info nowadays and don’t like Hamburger Helper.

I feel like my parents think they’re entitled to people loving them unconditionally or listening to whatever tomfoolery they wanna say. How is their story about standing in line at the grocer any different than a tweet? And you wanna talk about something for nothing? Why? What have they done for people to follow them so blindly? Boomers wanna worry about ~the state of protest~ tho lol.


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