Google “millennial” and you’ll no doubt find countless Baby Boomers complaining about the young people’s incessant selfie-ing and, I don’t know, allergies, alleging the entitlement to, I don’t know, health care and education… Is this some sort of cry for attention just like when their alcoholic parents didn’t pay them any mind? LOL.

Look, I get it. Not every “old” person is using an abacus, and not every young person is a reality star. But as a great Nelson Muntz once said, “Adults, you strut around like your farts don’t stink.” And if you mean to tell me that the movie from which the song that The Simpsons‘s “Adults/Kids” is based– Bye Bye Birdie— is some testament as to why your generation is flawless, well then there is no reaching you sir.

This post was prompted rather personally by my parents. Everyone wants to lambaste kids for being addicted to phones or technology, but they fucked up their marriage on the Internet. I’m sure they would call me entitled just because when you call someone “fat” as a child, they kinda develop a low-key obsession with food running in the background of their minds at all times and just happen to know a little about nutrition with all the easily accessible info nowadays and don’t like Hamburger Helper.

I feel like my parents think they’re entitled to people loving them unconditionally or listening to whatever tomfoolery they wanna say. How is their story about standing in line at the grocer any different than a tweet? And you wanna talk about something for nothing? Why? What have they done for people to follow them so blindly? Boomers wanna worry about ~the state of protest~ tho lol.


Should I bring back Tuesday Tuneage? With so much stuff out there, I’m highly valuing quiet time and hardly listen to anything anymore. But I just happen to be in a mashups mood, so I thought I’d share some great ones I’ve found lately.

Corporation- “Hello 679” (Adele’s “Hello” vs. Fetty Wap’s “679”)

Adele’s much anticipated new single not only scored a funny SNL sketch but tons of mashup ideas. Here is my favorite.

Brilliant- “Toxic Dragula” (Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” vs. Britney Spears’s “Toxic”)

I’m sure this might be sacrilege to some; it very well might’ve been to me when I was 13. But this is honestly so good.

Logan Mashups- “Back to Here” (Alessia Cara’s “Here” vs. Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”)

Usually, I can tell more or less immediately if I like a mashup or not, but this one isn’t funny or a clash of opposites. It’s quite interesting.

BotanicSage- “K.K. Good Day” (Ice Cube’s “Good Day” vs. K.K. Slider’s “K.K. Cruisin'”)

I love mashups that incorporate video games or other audio that isn’t a song. This features a remastered acoustic from Animal Crossing.

Sarah Mashups- “Heart on Replay” (Sia ft. The Weeknd’s “Elastic Heart” vs. Zendaya’s “Replay”)

I was very intrigued at the idea of this as I love Zendaya, but “Elastic Heart” was so emotional for me? But this turned out amazing!

Chrislie Nuluv Gel Polish

I think part of my growing up in regards to money is thinking more about whether I really need something and how I would use it. No buying just because it’s cheap! However, I saw a great deal for this Nuluv Gel Kit on sale on Chrislie. And it’s not like I’m not going to use it… 🙂

Chrislie Gel Nail Kit

I was not previously familiar with Chrislie or Nuluv, but since purchasing and signing up for their newsletters, it looks like Chrislie offers moderately priced beauty and skin care items. They just offered some absolute bargains for Cyber Monday, but their shipping is higher than I was expecting.

I don’t think I even noticed their boxed picture on the website, so I was pleased it came in this little box perfect for a gift this holiday season!

Color Selection

Here are the colors in the set. More springtime, but I’m sure you can make them work.

I’ve never had gel polishes before, so I don’t really have anything which to compare them. The lamp honestly feels like a toy, but it seems to work well enough. As for the polishes themselves, I’ve only tried the pink color (“Blooming Lilacs”) which is such a cute pastel that I really love.

Professional Gel Kit

Here’s what you get unboxed: LED lamp, the box of remover pads, and four polishes.

I can only imagine the sale was very popular and that Chrislie might be backed up. I’ve seen quite a few comments/reviews that seem to dislike the company’s customer service, but I didn’t experience anything unreasonable. I thought it was courteous that they even sent me an email saying they might be delayed.

However, I have seen at least one comment about the polishes bad smell. Again, the pink polish is the only gel I’ve ever used, so I don’t even know if that’s just what gel smell like, but it is there. Only if you like, sniff the bottle though.

Nuluv Blooming Lilacs

My manicure certainly didn’t last two weeks without chipping. I didn’t use acetone beforehand, although do you think that would make a difference? I don’t really mind as I got this on sale, but I certainly wouldn’t pay full price for this set. I’m going to be gifting it.

If you’d like to see any of the other colors, or if you’ve used any other Chrislie products, let me know!