Google “millennial” and you’ll no doubt find countless Baby Boomers complaining about the young people’s incessant selfie-ing and, I don’t know, allergies, alleging the entitlement to, I don’t know, health care and education… Is this some sort of cry for attention just like when their alcoholic parents didn’t pay them any mind? LOL. Look, I get it. Not every “old” person is using an abacus, and not every … Continue reading Entitled


Should I bring back Tuesday Tuneage? With so much stuff out there, I’m highly valuing quiet time and hardly listen to anything anymore. But I just happen to be in a mashups mood, so I thought I’d share some great ones I’ve found lately. Corporation- “Hello 679” (Adele’s “Hello” vs. Fetty Wap’s “679”) Hearthis.at Adele’s much anticipated new single not only scored a funny SNL sketch but … Continue reading TUESDAY TUNEAGE! Mashups