Thrift Shop Haul & Closet Hopping

I was never one to change wardrobes with the season. We could only ever buy when needed, and even now I’ve a hard time justifying buying anything that’s not on sale. But writing for a fashion blog has prompted me to step my game up, so perhaps I can add a few thrift shop pieces per season.

This was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago as I feel like as we near December I should have more winter pieces, but it’s honestly still summery in Florida, so I’ll show you a coat next year!

I tried to make some outfits out of a few pieces I picked up from my and my mom’s closets. Kinda hard when you’re not under the same roof.

Green Dress

This is a green Sparkle & Fade dress I picked up for $3.45. I didn’t even know the brand was under Urban Outfitters! I never wear dresses, but I like that this is a bit fitted but flares, and shows the outer limbs. This outfit as a few secrets. The first one being that I couldn’t exactly wear this brown sweater from mom’s closet because it had a sewn in shirt.

The second is that that “scarf” is actually a pillowcase. You wouldn’t know unless I said, right? 😛

Red Shoes

I got these a while ago at Wal-Mart for $2!

Red Top

So I actually wanted to buy something like a crop top to go with a suede a-line, but I didn’t find any skirts. This top made my haul more Christmas-y than the neutral fall I was going for, but it did have that kind of warm, fuzzy feel like suede, so I spent the $2.45 anyway.

Again, I paired with a GAP sweater from my mom’s closet for a grandpa sweater grunge feel (if my “pose” is weird, I’m supposed to be going to stomp/mosh). It actually quite looks like a DKNY pullover that I got for $3.45, so I used it instead of making another outfit. Charlotte Russe boots, I think I got from Vinted.

Orange Sheer

I made my mom dress up! On account of her having brown bottoms. I got a sheer orange sleeveless button-up for $2.45, and we paired it with some heeled booties and this navy blazer I got at Target for $6. She also had this (actual) scarf with stone hues and kind of geometric patterns I saw as a winter trend that I really liked. I’m taking this scarf.

Making this post got me thinking how else I could style and what else I should get. I definitely needed (and got!) some tan booties for $15 on Poshmark. I’m also planning to get some burgundy tights perhaps to pair with that dress. I still want that suede skirt and a flowing sweater in a similar style to my mom’s scarf.

Can you haul per season? Or do you shop throughout?


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