Think Before You Pink

I know I should’ve written this way earlier in the month, but perhaps if I haven’t gotten around to it, you haven’t either.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month which has become synonymous with Susan G. Komen’s pink ribbons. But with everything from grocery aisles to football fields going pink, it seems similar to what probable Baby Boomers call “slacktivism.”

This might basely include “online activism” but could understandably refer to the mass performance of menial tasks such as changing one’s social media avatar or sending a tweet and not much else (with perhaps even a boastful or overtaking attitude).

Komen, the very organization that started the pink ribbon-BCAM association, has dropped in standing for shady business practices like withdrawing Planned Parenthood mammogram funding, sponsoring products actually linked to breast cancer, use of donor funds, and suing organizations with similar mottos. All in all, it makes the group/business out as more concerned about paying the CEO six figures rather than “finding a cure.”

Unfortunately there are exploiters and opportunists. But it’s especially disgusting to see disease sexually exploited. Cancers are a scary disease that can make people feel powerless, and doing something as simple as wearing pink might lessen that fear or helplessness, but consider it a thank you gift. You don’t get it unless you’ve given. So give your time, research a foundation with whom you can be proud to be associated, donate, share the facts, and share the stories. Those who’ll really appreciate it will thank you. 🙂



National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Pink ribbon
Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Charities to Prevent/Cure Breast Cancer




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