Fall Wish List

A staple for fashion blogs, I think I’ll start writing these posts as well. However, my lists will probably be more broad than clothing items. Things that would be nice to have if I could justify spending on them. 🙂

Gray Plaid Scarf

1. Plaid Scarf

Standard enough. Both the accessory and pattern is perfect for the season. But I’m a native Floridian and can get through winter without a coat. Much like with boots, I feel I’d be overdressed. But I do like this one….

2. Laptop Battery

Fall is back to school time! Am I going to school? Well, that hardly seems relevant. 😛

Green Floral Rain Boots

3. Rain boots

A month or so ago, it rained for a week straight. I can feel the beginning of fall, but we’re still in hurricane season. Even though I wouldn’t use them a lot, it’d be great to have a pair available.

I wouldn’t object to a little more stylish boot

4. Cell Phone

Honestly I’d keep using mine, but apps are getting outdated and the vibration is beginning to sound like a frog.

Burgundy Midi Skirt

5. Burgundy Skirt

I’ve been seeing a lot of muted colors this season along with flowing fabric. Again, because of geography, I don’t think I’ll need a full skirt, and I don’t actually own this type, so it’d be a great add to my wardrobe.

6. Oddball 2015 Tickets

I went to Oddball last year and was surprised to see it’s still going and coming back to my town. Unfortunately, no July 4th sales, and last year I wanted to see most everybody. This year, I’d really only like to see Tim Minchin and TJ Miller especially since TJ was supposed to come before, but I’m pretty sure he ate that sandwich on Conan.

Black Leather Jacket

7. Leather Jacket

More of a closet staple than just fall, but now I’ll be able to wear with without melting. I have kind of the same issues as the rain boot.

Olive Green Cardigan

8. Olive Coat

I don’t really know what else to call something like this. Forever 21 calls this a cardigan. I just want something of this weight, length and color.

I also wouldn’t pass a Survey Corps cape as a substitute. 😉

Camel Blouse

9. Camel Blouse

What’s more muted than beige? Honestly, I’m not a fan because it’s literally my skintone, so wearing it  washes me out, but the coats look so cozy. Perhaps I can try brown, sienna, or a marigold kind of shade.

10. Brother!

My brother works out of state and probably like most jobs, can’t get out of the holiday season so easily. He got the end of the year off last year, so he might have to take Thanksgiving this year. Whatever the case, I hope he can come see his friends and family soon.


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