Syrian Refugee Help

Refugee in Iraq

Yuri Kozyrev | Noor

At least in my very American experience, when mainstream news isn’t treating Donald Trump like a lax white parent with a bratty kid in public, they’re mentioning a refugee crisis in Europe. It is really more of a mention as we get pictures and record of terrible things happening but no real substantial time spent or explanations.

It shouldn’t take that to want to take action, but learning and sharing that history can definitely help if you don’t have the financial means or you’re able to apply legislative pressure by phone calls, tweets, email or petition. I am in no position to educate on the subject, so I encourage to you to find at least one account regularly explaining this (preferably without exclamation points) to follow and learn.

Quick list of places you can contribute

The last link is in German (according to Google), but I’ve included it because I saw a post that said they buy train tickets. I’m not sure if that is that completed Omni.bus project, but they seem to te trying to find housing regardless. With the credit I earn from surveys, I’ll probably get something from that wishlist. 🙂

For more information and charities, visit rrrrnessa, NBCNews, CNN, and ClamorousVoice.


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