Like a Slug

Attenberg is an interesting film that I’m definitely going to have to revisit in the future. There are many facets worth exploring managed with only a handful of characters. While misfit girl/sexually experienced girl might as well be a trope (perhaps it falls under Only Friend?), it’s great to see variations of weird girls e.g., they’re not all Enid Coleslaws or Junos. Marina’s own admissions made me think I … Continue reading Like a Slug

Birchbox Pin

May & June Birchbox

Hello readers, how are you? I’ve recently received my first two subscription boxes ever in life from Birchbox! It’s pretty fun. If you’re deciding whether you should try it or just want to see what other people got, here are my contents. Affiliate links appear in this post. May Birchbox Harvey Prince’s Hello A nice citrus and floral scent great for the season or daytime … Continue reading May & June Birchbox