Kiss could’ve killed me

It may not seem like a long time, but I’ve been a fan of director David Fincher since The Social Network. What I lack in experience, I make up for in earnestness! It’s the film I’ve watched the most number of times, and the one I attribute to actually making me care about movies. Before the last 4 years, I may have just watched the cinematic equivalents of whatever’s on the radio while you’re driving. Films could ruin your life, who knew!

Naturally, I’m pretty excited about Finch’s upcoming Gone Girl. It’s been up-and-down: I was indifferent toward the book, I love Trent & Atticus, I’m worried about Ben Affleck, this interview has somewhat doused that qualm… but fuck it, I’m gonna run with excitement.  I made this 8tracks playlist awhile ago to get me amped.

Fincher has this thing with leading men types that usually drive me the other direction, so I thought I’d try something else I don’t usually do… listen to country music. Despite my “best efforts,” there was no way I could go through what one might first think of for country nowadays, so it’s a trad-country-folk-alt-rock-blues jumble of he said/she saids, love, hate and suspense.

Gone Girl comes out October 3rd!


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