My Birchbox Experience

Birchox collage

This year, after hearing a bit about subscription boxes, I decided to give a trial to Birchbox. As I mentioned in my first post about my test, I had a few deals which made this sub more appealing. The trial period is over, so here’s my overall opinion.


The Goods

Looking over all the items I received, I have to agree that the sizes are disappointing. However, the quality is great. I think that many items strive for natural and even vegan ingredients. I only received 2 makeup items, but I appreciate the focus on cleaning and clearing up skin and not just covering it. On the other hand, if I received any more lotions, I wouldn’t know what to do with them! I put them at my sinks and in my purses.



I do like the little notes that come in Birchboxes that have little activities and tell of contests. BB has a ton of them, and you can enter them as easily as taking a pic of your box. Every time I post a pic on Instagram and tag them, they always like it! I also like that their shop where you can buy full-sized items has free add-ons (but they’re usually for larger purchases).


Customer Service

I actually gave my mom a gift subscription along with my own for Mother’s Day. I was pretty sure that I saw a sign on their site that said, “Order by this date, and it’ll be there for Mother’s Day!” Maybe they meant the recipient would get the Mother’s Day box or something, but my mom most definitely got her box a week after the holiday. I e-mailed CS, and they gave me 100 points!


Reward System

I actually don’t know that much about their loyalty program since I was only a member for 3 months, but I love that you can earn points for reviewing the products you receive. You answer questions like if you’ve heard of the brand, rate factors like scent, and you can even write in a textbox for other customers to see. These points can be exchanged for full-sized items. When you are ready to exchange, make sure you’re up-to-date on their exchange rates because you might lose some of your points.



I don’t know why it takes so long. Honestly, it shouldn’t really matter, unless, like I had, bought it for a certain occasion, but again, it’s just disappointing to get a tracking notice to track… for a week. Especially when you buy something anywhere else, and it takes like 2-3 days? These are small boxes that could fit in priority boxes. They are cute boxes, though.



If you take shipping into account and complete all your reviews (which was 6 items 2/3 times), you can either think about getting your box for free or just paying for shipping. I think it’s a pretty good deal especially if you can get coupons or codes. Additionally, in my last box was a magazine subscription which could be sent back for $9.99.


Overall, I only spent $12.01 for over $30 worth of goods and services. This would usually make me excited, but the picture shows most everything I got. What isn’t pictured is another sunscreen, a nail polish remover wipe, and hair conditioner satchet. While the items themselves are of good quality, I was really only excited about the hair detangler. I’d rather try full sized items when they go on sale in stores or have coupons.

Since they are nice items, I would recommend Birchbox as a gift since they have such subscriptions in various lengths. I wish there were a box that offered items like BB but also has more of a balance between bath and body goods and makeup. Yet, if this sounds appealing, by all means go for it. Birchbox is an affordable little luxury.

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