More recs!

I am back with a new theme and more ways you can spend money! Like my last post, this is a mix of charity and businesses.


DailyLook outfit

I like DailyLook because they put together outfits of their items which look really good, you can see how items look and get pairing ideas, and have access to the outfit super easy. I’d say their style is trendy basic– good pieces for building a closet that isn’t just t-shirts and jeans– with affordable to higher-end prices. Who can argue with a sale section that starts at $0.95!?


Detroit Water Brigade

“Since last year, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has been turning off water at the homes of customers behind on their bills.” Many of the city’s households earn less than half of the nation’s average income, so it can be easy to see how one could get behind on payments. [1] Easy to see how one can shut off hundreds of thousands of peoples’ access to a necessity? Well… If you would like to help, The Detroit Water Brigade has put together an Amazon registry.

via @ManiacWrangler


Texas Young Democrats for child refugees

Texas Young Democrats order

Thousands of children from Central America and Mexico have been fleeing poverty and violence only to be met with more hatred and deportation back to dangerous environments. Texas Young Democrats has started working with groups in border communities to help shelters in desperate conditions. They have also set up an Amazon wish list. My uncle set us a credit for Christmas, and obviously I didn’t get around to using it so what better use!

I’ve made new pages for this theme! They’re to keep these sites organized and at easy reach. You can find them here or by clicking my subtitle in the top right corner. Enjoy your weekend! Here are my plans 😀

NIN & Oddball


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