Last Night in Grey Stockings

Emanuel & the Truth About Fishes

The Truth About Emanuel is a weird as heck film that you might actually enjoy if you’re like me and like movies that have people you like and other curios.

The cast includes Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina, and Kaya Scodelario as the eponymous Emanuel, an asocial seventeen year old girl who seeks out an peculiar relationship with her new neighbor (Biel).

I first became familiar with Scodelario through the UK teen dramedy Skins, so I couldn’t help but see Emanuel as a somewhat similar character to the “fit and mysterious” Effy Stonem. Emanuel’s “love interest” Claude (Aneurin Barnard) even reminded me of Craig Roberts in that last season of Skins.

At one point, Rooney Mara was up for Emanuel. Did you know she was also up for Jessica Chastain’s role in Zero Dark Thirty? Mara is listed as a producer for Emanuel.

This film was originally and in some places still called Emanuel & the Truth About Fishes. I like this albeit longer title better. It sounds more like the unusual story that may veer into fantasy that the film is whereas The Truth About Emanuel has more of a Girl, Interrupted feel.

In either case, the truth is, I’m not sure what the truth is! Could fishes be like the Christian ichthys symbol? I’m not religious which is why I recommend it! I would love to hear interpretations and analyses.

Befitting the subject matter, there is a great eerie aesthetic to the film. This is illustrated with music from Agnes Obel.

Artist: Agnes Obel
Song: Philharmonics


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