July Birchbox

Power up! That’s the theme for this month’s Birchbox which was about amping yourself up!

“Don’t let me get in my zone.” – Kanye West

This box came with a little booklet to make the most of your summer with tips like eating veggies for breakfast and stepping out of your color comfort zone. From an early age, I saw the associations made with the color pink and distanced myself from it (to continue with the Kanye theme…). Now I try different shades and incorporate the ones I like and work well with my tones because some do make me look pasty lol.

July Birchbox on hariharian.wp.comOn to the box! I got to choose which Ruffian nail lacquer I wanted out of three, and I chose Relic. Now, this picture makes it look a bit bronze, right? I’m not that blind? That’s kind of why I chose the color, and even my confirmation e-mail describes it as a “silvery-taupe,” but as you can see, it’s really just a silver.

Ruffian nail lacquer in relic on hariharian

It’s fine as that, I’m just a little disappointed that it’s not the pretty combo; I can get a silver polish anywhere (for way less than $11).

A Ruffian lacquer remover towelette was also provided. Also worked fine.

July Birchbox lotion serum cream


Naobay’s Body Radiance Lotion has a lemon/citrus scent. It has a creamy consistency and would be good for dry spots.

I was really impressed by Marcelle’s 8-in-1 Power Serum. I usually use e.l.f.’s tinted moisturizer because it’s affordable, it’s a moisturizer, and provides a little coverage. Marcelle’s serum makes my skin so smooth and evens out the tone. ✿^_^ノ The thing is… I feel like most of the 8 issues it’s designed to address (elasticity, wrinkles, lines), I’m not concerned about, so I don’t want to build up an intolerance. I would much more interested in a plain moisturizer or BB cream. (✿◕‿◕

I feel like Supergoop is the bane of some Birchbox members’ existences. Well, I live in Florida, so it is useful but not very fun. Look at how small this sample is. At least it’s a CC cream with a high SPF.

Coastal Scents Revealed 2

Finally! I get a cosmetic item! I received Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette in Ballerina. I’m so glad I got something that looks nice and works on me (as I’m just remembering that I did get a black eyeliner).

This was my third Birchbox and the end of my self-set trial. I’ll post my verdict soon!


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