Like a Slug

Greek film Attenberg
Randou & Labed as Bella & Marina

Attenberg is an interesting film that I’m definitely going to have to revisit in the future. There are many facets worth exploring managed with only a handful of characters.

  • While misfit girl/sexually experienced girl might as well be a trope (perhaps it falls under Only Friend?), it’s great to see variations of weird girls e.g., they’re not all Enid Coleslaws or Junos.
  • Marina’s own admissions made me think I was going to see an asexual character, however she seems panicked at her own wondering of this. She begins having sex with an unnamed man, first having practiced with Bella. Neither of these relationships are fetishized and wonderfully awkward.
  • It’s also great to see a father-daughter relationship that isn’t just him providing sound advice at the end and a peck on the forehead. This helped me sympathize with Marina in her tumultuous period.

Attenberg jumps scenes quickly, has a recurring bit where Marina and Bella perform something that I missed, and has a lack of explosions that may make someone else feel like nothing’s happening, but I fully support a coming-of-age story that isn’t rambunctious or snotty.


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