PhilFest 2014


For the past 18 years, PhilFest has been shining a light on Filipino culture to thousands of people around the Tampa Bay area. Every spring, we enjoy some halo-halo, stand in some hella long lines for karioka, watch a pandanggo sa ilaw dance with bated breath, and maybe even win a prize if we just happen to have a Philippine passport on us.

I’ve been attending since I was a child, but that’s kind of tapered off in recent years. LBR, I’m a snob, and once at Revolution– the part of PhilFest where the young people can “hip hop dance”– an announcer said there was going to be a “comedian from MTV,” and I was like, “I’VE GOT A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS,” AND BOY, HOWDY WAS I RIGHT.

But I am going this year and even signed up to meet Xian Lim (you can sign up here by clicking “Events”). If you haven’t been to PhilFest and live in the area, I highly recommend it especially if perhaps you don’t live near a Filipino restaurant or other business. Tampa’s had a few come and gone over the years, but fortunately for me, I’m also close to Filipiniana which will be serving at PhilFest. Support your local communities!


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