MM: Give that man the $10K edition

Growing up on The Simpsons and SNL, Jon Lovitz provides the kind of warm nostalgia of childhood that another might get from Spongebob Squarepants or… I don’t know, The Andy Griffith Show? I listened to his episode of the Nerdist podcast, and good chunk of hit me right in the feels because they end up talking about Phil Hartman. Ugh, when Jon says they were like brothers. Also, I didn’t know that Hartman designed album covers! It’s weird to go back to things you did when you were a kid and had this broad concept of and now, especially with the Internet, you can fill in all these gaps and understand it in a totally different way.

SNL Trivial Pursuit Mango piece
If you ever want to come over & play SNL Trivial Pursuit…

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