A Kind-of WW & The Importance of Speaking Out

This is kind of a progress report on my first Wanted-Life Wednesday in which I set the goal to find more of my people who are “politically-minded.” But it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I thought it more fitting.

Last month, Suey Park started the Twitter hastag #NotYourAsianSidekick. As you’d gather from the marked tweets, a national conversation and representation of Asian-Americans (by Asian-Americans) has been desperately overdue.


And as you also might’ve gathered, people are still terrible. Trolls clogged the space going so far as to steal people’s avatars to create fake accounts to tweet racist messages. As someone who is terrified of everything, it was terrifying! When you follow reporters and writers who speak out and hear about how threatening the Internet is to women, it’s not hard (for me) to imagine the worst.

However, I also have 60 followers. I hoped and convinced myself I’d be able to say my piece, support the convo, spread the word, and get the fuck out. Alas, poor Yorick! I wasn’t, but by no means is it a fraction of what someone who regularly speaks out gets (which is ridiculous that I have to qualify).

Thursday, 18MillionRising.org hosted a Google Hangout to further discuss #NotYourAsianSidekick. You can watch it here. Although I missed it while it was happening, I checked out the tag afterwords, started a conversation with someone, and now we’re friends! Always preoccupied with fear, it completely slipped my mind that becoming involved with something you’re passionate about is a fantastic way to meet people, and ideally what movements should be about. That and education and reform, not harm.

Unfortunately, it’s disheartening to see how “protestors” spied upon, libeled, and otherwise treated, so it’s easy to be anxious. Personally, as someone who sweated her way through Target yesterday, having to get a refund and bought something else and reflexively said, “You too,” because cashiers usually say “Have a nice day,” and this guy totally didn’t, I’m proud and excited and think this is a pretty fucking good first step. Could other first steps have been bigger? Fuckin’ yeah. But you do what you can, you own it, and you get better.


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