MM: THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR (Doctor Who 50th!!!)

So when I first watched The Day of the Doctor, I missed the first minute because I just woke up for the pre-show and used the commercial between to use the bathroom. Spoilers~

I liked the reference to Foreman’s junkyard. :-p


Here’s a thing I just noticed (what the board says).


LMAO. Eleven falls to his death. *Jim Gaffigan side voice* That was the worst regeneration ever.


The depiction of the Time War was interesting. I don’t know about the lasering writing out of “No More” though. A bit like, “Hey man! I’m trying to shoot Daleks here!” “Sorry! Gotta send a message! H..e..l..l..o… S..w..e..e..t..i..e.. oh dang! Wrong one!”

2013-11-25 11.39.57 pm
What are these words? Explain! Explain!

Are Daleks illiterate? Since my trek into Classic Who (of which I’ve not gotten very far!), I’ve been wondering if they speak English or if that’s something that could be attributed to the TARDIS.

2013-11-26 12.01.55 am
Don’t sit on that! Why? Because it’s not a chair; it’s the most dangerous weapon in the universe!

The Moment taking the form of Rose was… odd but forgivable, forgivable in the sense that YES, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I’M A LOSER SITTING AT HOME TALKING ABOUT A 50 YEAR OLD BRITISH SCIENCE FICTION SHOW. There’s no reason it should be Rose (or I didn’t really buy the one given), but there’s no reason it shouldn’t, it’s the 50th, “love letter to the fans,” ok. Send meta about The Moment’s attire!

*Yodels* Ten will always be my first! “I’m going to be king,” “You’re basically just a rabbit,” and “I have no idea where he picks that stuff up” is hilarious every time. Also, “Brave words, Dick Van Dyke.” SAND SHOES AND GRANDDAD. I had no idea what sand shoes are, but what a great detective spin-off name.

The jail scene was very good. “What makes you so ashamed of being a grown-up?” really hit me, and the 10/11 face-off made me tear up. Unfortunately, I can’t be bothered to re-watch the second half of season 7 right now, so I’ve no idea of what’s the deal with Trenzalore. I am perusing a wiki on it and just remember this.

The way that War Doctor exclaims, “You did count!” when 10 angrily affirms the number initially seemed so misplaced, but I like the idea that he is searching for whether or not he should press his big red button and is so weighted by becoming The Man Who Forgets, the man who killed his own people and planet and doesn’t live with it every single day of his life that he’s actually relieved that he does (or at least, did). Nothing short of brilliant from Killgarrah Hurt.

I like the thing with the TARDIS interiors! And a nod to the 2nd Doctor is always great! I don’t really get how the travel through the status cube works at least when the Doctors did it. Is it supposed to be a real moment? Or just a recreation of one? After all the Time War is built up to be, wouldn’t they be hesitant to go through it? What the heck, did Clara go too? It seems belittling to the war and The Doctor’s loss to have him go through it all badass and nonchalant.

The structure of the episode, I felt, was very Moffat. It starts out fun and has light moments then I lose interest and then there’s all this time spent trying to solve the problem, they’re going to solve the problem, and then wham, blammo, they do something completely different or there’s a whole other problem that gets solved in a second. And it’s not even like, “Yeah! Wrap up this minor thread!” It’s like, “What. Why did we even.”

So, the Doctor tells at least his first incarnation to begin calculations on freezing Gallifrey, yes? And then they all come to do so? It’s pretty amazing how Doctor Who can incorporate its own show into itself.

Literally me

This gets me so pumped up for 12. I HOPE HE’S A FREAKING PUNK ROCKER OR SOME ISH. YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE TO SUNSHINE, CLARA. Actually, no, I hope he calls people, “Sunshine.”

So initially, it seemed to me that Moffat was rewriting canon, but I guess everything checks out. Although now it seems like 9-11 bear the thought-responsibility for genocide because… timey-wimey?

It would’ve been cool if were hinted that 10 goes on to The Waters of Mars because he’s changed history and whatnot, but apparently, he won’t remember. But it would’ve been cool if there could’ve been some way. Residual memory energy, lol. “Good to know my future’s in safe hands.” Aww, babies! “… I don’t want to go.” SON OF A BITCH.

Tom Baker was a sweet surprise. Although now, I’m actually quite excited for 11 to go chasing Gallifrey when it’s going to 12, right? I don’t read anything; I like surprises. Argh! I’m so excited!


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