Beauty Tuesdays!

Charlotte Russe and e.l.f. nail polish

I have nail polish! Sorry, my nails are all short and stout (yay excoriation! :rolls eyes:), but look how pretty! The first is e.l.f.’s Mint Cream which I absolutely love.

The brown color is  e.l.f.’s Smokey Brown. I bought it because I wanted a taupe color, but it is way darker. It’s still really nice because I love e.l.f.’s application compared to the last polish, a pink color that I’ve had from Charlotte Russe. Their polish offers slightly more in a taller bottle, but that makes their brush longer and thinner.

Charlotte Russe e.l.f. nail polish

Maybe it’s because I only own 3 nail polishes, but the shorter and thicker brush is much easier to use to get a coat that’s less streaked.

I also got e.l.f.’s Nourishing Cuticle Pen which is so handy because I’ve grown up using solutions. It says its got avocado and almond oil and all kinds of vitamins. If you’re a novice like me and for some reason expect it to gush out formula, do not press down with all your might! You won’t feel it, and you might not even see it, but it’s honestly enough. It’s like coloring your cuticles with a clear marker.

In addition to the lipstick from my last Beauty Tuesday, I got the Vanilla Creme Soothing Lip Balm. I was also given Nivea’s A Kiss of Shimmer. I use the e.l.f. balm when I’m indoors, Nivea when I’m outdoors for a short period (like driving somewhere), and Softlips when I’m in direct sunlight. Nivea has SPF 10; Softlips has SPF 20.

elf lipstick nivea kiss of shimmer

As shown, the Kiss of Shimmer lives up to its name, but it’s not as icy as it may seem. E.l.f. lipstick in Nostalgia makes me look like I just ate a glazed doughnut. The Nivea balm is a great middle ground.

Next time I’ll probably show some jewelry. Curse holiday shopping!


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